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Come on up for a sweet,
mountain town getaway. 
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Winter - 5 Day

Day 1 - Relax, pick up ski gear at Red River Ski & Recreation Area, eat out at one of our partners' eateries. Know your mountain states and safety tips

Day 2 - Hit the slopes at 9:00 am sharp! If you've booked a lesson, arrive a tad earlier especially if it's holiday. Eat at The Ski Tip or The Lift House for lunch. Rest a bit, shop a bit, then take kids tubing. Evening of Day 2 is a perfect day to eat in and keep it simple. Board games, cards, and off to your comfy bed early.

Day 3 - Ski and shop. Most stores stay open until 7 in the winter. Show your 4K Red River wristband or coupon at Frye's Old Town & The Jewelry Lady and receive 10% off.

Day 4 - Day trip to Santa Fe, Taos, Sand Dunes National Park, or Wild Rivers Recreational Area in the gorge, OR book a snowmobile tour with one of our partners - plenty of recreation and cultural events on the Enchanted Circle.

Day 5
- Rest up for the trip home with final selections at the shops and maybe a night around the fire pit, s'mores, games, and an evening out at Red River's casual dining - check our partner list for suggestions.

Winter - 3 Day

Day 1 - Pick up rentals at Red River Ski Area and get ready for the slopes, open at 9:00 am. When it's a busy holiday, best to start your day early! After a big day on the slopes, head home for a rest, then eat out with one of our Red River partners.

Day 2 - Ski, Snowboard and Shop. Eat at your place and relax, or visit one of our partners. Remember, family game night.

Day 3 - Snowmobile tour or cross country ski with one of our local partners. Coffee up and enjoy your last night in Red River. Book your summer vacation with us while you're here. Cool mountain air in summers around 80/85 degrees and low humidity. 

Summer - 5 Day

Day 1 - Porch time; enjoy the mountain air and rest up after your travel day. After lunch outside on the deck, book a horse ride or rent a surrey with one of our partners and acclimate to your surroundings. Check out the shops and show your wristband for discounts at our mother store, Frye's Old Town & The Jewelry Lady
Day 2 - Anglers, or watchers of anglers, try a 4 - 8 hour trip on the Rio Grande or in the Valle Vidal. All of our summer guests have access to our stocked trout pond at 4 K River Ranch. 2 fish per day per paying guest. It's catch and keep, so plan a fish fry with your family or fellow travelers.

Day 3 - Hike it, bike it, paddle it, or ride on horseback - get out there anyway you can, with the help of our partners. The mountains around us are beautiful, quiet (unless you are on Goose Trail), and are sure to bring you peace. This is why you came to the mountains - to be outside. We sell maps and can make suggestions on places to adventure from beginner to challenging.

Day 4 - Day trip New Mexico. There are many sites within 2 hours of Red River - from cultural happenings, to natural landscapes, and historical landmarks. New Mexico is home to Taos Pueblo, one of the oldest pueblos in the United States.

Day 5 - Take time to chill before you head home. Spend the day close to Red River at Red River Ski Area, chairlift ride, Pioneer flier, slide down the mountain on the alpine slide, or be super adventurous and try the ropes course at the base of Red River Ski Area. Lunch and an afternoon beverage, then it's time to make that special purchase on Main Street. 

Summer - 3 Day

Day 1 - Plan a guided trip with a local angler favorite. Even if you're not into fishing, ride along - the scenery is spectacular. After your adventure, shop a little on Red River's Main Street, sip a little java or other beverages, and smell that clean, high mountain air.

Day 2 - Want a taste of the Rio Grande? Book a float, paddle or whitewater trip and you'll probably get a gulp - great scenery all around. On your way home, plan a casual dinner at one of our partners' eateries. Reservations or putting your name on the "list" is always recommended.

Day 3 - get moving and get out there anyway you can. The mountains around us are beautiful, with many trails to hike or ride. This is why you came to the mountains! We can make suggestions on places to adventure (beginner to challenging) and check it out, the ski area has summer activities.